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See important things. Ignore rest.


How it works?


Security camera sends the photos to our cloud system

Our artificial intelligence based algorithms process the photos

If there is object of interest in the view, we send notifications

Why Pixeligence?

Artificial Intelligence

Use the latest tech even with existed old camera models.

No False Alarms

Eliminate motion detection based false alarms.

Hardware Free

Do not bother with any hardware installation or failure.


Monthly subscription payment.


Your privacy is under protection with encryption in the cloud.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the camera detect people?

We use the deep learning technique, the latest technology for image processing. The underlying principle of this technology is to teach objects to artificial neural networks that are identified by a method similar to the way the human brain learns. We trained our artificial intelligence algorithms with images of thousands of people from the real working environment. In this way, it only recognizes human images in the photograph and is not affected by any other object or movement. The camera sends the photo to our cloud server, our algorithms decide individually whether there are people / animals / vehicles in the image.

How does it work in areas with motion?

We do not use motion detection to detect objects. Our artificial intelligence algorithms search each photo specifically for people. It is not affected by any other action or change. So if you want to receive notification when people are detected you won't get false alarms by; cat, dog, fly, leaf, vehicle, light etc.

How much accuracy does it work with?

Thanks to the technology we use, we are able to detect people / vehicles / animals with more than 99% accuracy. We make zero false alarms while making these determinations

How do I receive notifications?

Simply download the Pixeligence mobile application and login. Set the time you want to be notified when people are in your field of view.

How to create an account?

We will give you a temporary password to login to the application. After the first login you will be asked to change your password.

How many different phones that I can use for getting notifications?

You can create a certain number of free sub-members according to the package you have selected. For this, you can use the "Create Sub-Member" button in the application. If you want to increase the number of sub-membership you can reach the authorized dealer.

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